ZJS-A Intelligent automatic capsule counting and filling machine







Intelligent automatic capsule counting and filling machine.
Proprietary technology, PLC control, touch screen operating system count automatically and high-accuracy, put bottle by conveyer belt and fill medicine automatically, high differentiate rate, fast responding speed.
Some accessory equipments can be connected like feeding turntable, capping machine and Labeling machine and so on.
This machine is widely applied for capsule counting for small scale production in hospital, Small pharmaceutical factory etc.



- Proprietary technology of compensated type counting with vertical track, counting precision: 100%
- With locked capsules, applied to all capsule sizes.
- PLC control, touch screen operating system, operator can set various technical data speedly.
- Bottles are carried by conveyer belt, preserve some interfaces for connecting some accessory equipments like feeding turntable, capping machine and labeling machine and so on.
- Adopt llluminating techniques, automatically alarm without bottle and bottle turned over, avoid wase capsules.
- Mould changing adopts new setup planning with straight pin, so mould changing and adjusting is only take 5 minutes.
- Working stable and low noise.
- Stainless frame and all parts connect with capsule are made of 304# stainless steel, meet the GMP standar


Technical Parameters

Counting capacity

20000 - 40000 capsules/hour

Suitable capsule size

# 000, # 00L, # 00, # 0L, # 0, #1, # 2, # 3, # 4

And # 5.

The machine uses locked capsule.

Maximum bottle in diameter

130 mm

Filling nozzle size

25 mm or customization

Accounting precision

100 %

Mould changing time

5 minutes

Compressed air

0.03 m3/min, 0.7 Mpa

Power supply

AC, 220V/50HZ 1 phase or customization


1.2 KW

Overall size

1300 x 600 x 1400 mm

Packing size

1400 x 680 x 1100 mm

Net weight

150 kg

Gross weight

180 kg