RF-1A  Ampoule filling and sealing machine



This machine uses coal gas or liquid petroleum gas, makes up of control box and Thaw sealing board two parts.
Shape original, dexterous and handsome, there are two spray fire point in the thaw and sealing board.
The ampoule thaw red regularity, sealing sleek, this machine no noise when working. The sealing speed is higher.
The machine is perfect machine fitting for hospital, laboratory and pharmaceutical factory to produce the ampoules by himself.


Technical Parameters




1 - 20 ml

Production capacity

20 bottles/min


0.37 KW

Power supply

AC,220V/50HZ 1 phase

Fuel consumption

2-2.5 m3/h(gas) 0.08-0.1 (LPG)

Combustion-supporting consumption

0.7 m3/h oxygen 0.1 MPa

Net weight

5 kg

Overall size

300 x 240 x 250 mm