filling heater

Lipstick, adhesive filling heater


Use & Features

This is a mini filling heater with one tank of 15 kg and the functions of heating and mixing.
The machine is an auxiliary equipment of filling machine.
The machine is applied to filling various viscous materials, such as: lipstick, adhesive,
Crayon and foundation cream etc.
The machine is widely used in pharmacy, daily cosmetic, chemical etc industries.


Technical Parameters

Heating power

2 KW

The speed of mix round

36 r/min

The power of mix round

36 W

Net weight

14 kg

Overall size

500x400x830 mm


QGJ-R series heating and mixing filling machine



There is one heater of 20 kg with heater mixer on the machine, and there is also one heater on pipe and filling nozzle, so the machine is applied to fill various viscous materials, such as lipstick, adhesive, crayon, foundation cream and ointment etc.
This machine is widely used in pharmacy, daily cosmetic, chemical etc industries.



- Outside and all parts are made of stainless steel, exquisite, easy cleaning,meet the GMP standard.
- Electric control, automatic operation and pedal operation can be chosen, simple and trusty.
- Filling volume can be adjusted in filling range at will.
- Filling accuracy is less than 1%, meet the national standards.
- The noise of single machine is less than 50 db.


Technical Parameters

Filling range

1-10ml, 10-150ml, 30-200ml

Filling speed

20-60 bottle/min

Filling accuracy

< 1%

Heating power


Motor power

36 W

The speed of mix round

60 r/min

Air consumption

0.035-0.045 m3/min

Packing size

900x570x1400 mm


118 kg