JT-8 Uphill tablet de-duster machine



Tablet De-dusting Machine utilized the latest developments and advanced technologies in the pharmaceutical industry to fulfill one of the most important parts of solid dosage manufacturing. This Uphill Tablet Deduster enable to perform both elevating and dedusting process simultaneously at ultra high speed that is highly demanded by medium to mass production tabletting scales. It is a perfect attachment unit for any types of rotary tablet presses as well as metal detectors, which made it extremely applicable for pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, chemical, foodstuff and other related applications.
Its advantages include long dedusting path, automatic tablet polishing of all sides/angles, and high quality dedusting without damage to the tablets. The machine is also employed many new designs and features to ensuring better and safer operations. Furthermore, it can act as a delivering device for any shapes and sizes of tablets that need to be dedicated in dedusting. It is designed and manufactured in conformance to cover GMP standard.
It has an adjustable feeding height of 835-985mm and adjustable chute of 1070-1220mm, which is highly flexible to mount and enables the operator to remove dust and burrs from tablets in a process that meet the FDA guidelines. Dust and burrs are removed from the tablets while they are being transported upwards by vibration through a continuous spiral. Additional features of the Uphill Deduster are variable throughput rates, height advantage for subsequent stages of the process and ready safe exhaust of the dust through a central suction pipe. 


Technical Parameters



Max. Output

1,000,000 tablets/hour
(based on ø8 mm tablets, weight : 150 mg

Rated Power

110V/60Hz, 1 phase, 150 W (0.2HP) or 220V/50HZ 1 phase

Dedusting Distance

6.2 m (20.3 feet)

Maximum Tablet Diameter

ø22 mm

Compressed Air

0.1 m3/min (35CFM)- 0.1MPa (15 psi)


2.5 m3/min (880CFM) - 0.1MPa (15 psi)

Noise Level

<75 db

Dimension(L x W x H)

500 mm x 550 mm x 1350 mm - 1500 mm


70 kg (155 lbs)