rotary type granulator

ZL-300 Rotary type granulator


The machine can make necessary granule from the stirred raw material, it also can crush abolished slice and dry piece crowd it into granule. Especially, it is very suitable for raw material of higher viscidity.
The machine is widely used in pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry, chemical industry, solid beverage industry, medicinal granules and so on.



All parts contacted with raw material are made of stainless steel. Its appearance is beautiful and its structure is reasonable. Its shaped rate is very high and the granule is beautiful. Its discharge is automatic. Therefore it can avoid the damaged conditions caused manual. It is suitable for in line production, too.


Technical Parameters



Size of milling knife

270 mm

Production capacity

200-250 kg/h

Diameter of granule

0.8mm -2.5mm


7.5 KW


255 kg

Overall size

950x630x1140 mm